About us


Empower automotive businesses with world-class AI.


We’re Monik and Anthony. We've been friends and worked together for many years before starting Toma.

Toma began because we believed that voice AI was the best way for busy businesses to interact with their customers, instead of putting them on hold or making them wait for an email response.

After a foray into various industries including healthcare and banking, we fell in love with the automotive space because of the hard problems and wonderful people we met along the way.


Look at us at the Ford Museum!




Co-founder, CEO

I've built a large-scale messaging platform at Braze, created (pre-LLM) models for software engineering assessment at Turing, and published research on AI chatbots.

🚗 Favorite Car

Chevy Suburban



Co-founder, CTO

I've helped build the first LLM deployed in classified environments at Scale AI, wrote many in-ride features you use today on the Lyft app, and worked on low latency infra-as-code at AWS.

🏎️ Favorite Car

Honda Civic Type R


Y Combinator

Want to get in touch? Email us at hi@toma.com!