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You've done well helping to grow 25% of the businesses in your area. Here's how to help the other 75%...

The TOMA Program
What It Is and Why It Works!

Phase One, The Survey
The TOMA survey is a simple yet extremely persuasive sales tool used to sell non-advertisers. The survey measures "Top of Mind Awareness" of local businesses. This research, combined with our sales training techniques, is proven to diversify account bases and acquisition of one and two year contracts from non-advertisers, including professional and service businesses.

The workshop provides immediate ROI and is the most imperative part of the program. The workshop is an informative, lively presentation by a TOMA expert. How to compete against big box stores and the best way to advertise in the Yellow Pages are just two of the subjects covered in the first part of the workshop. The second half will be opened up to the sponsoring media company to feature all their products. TOMA experts will be available to help show the results of the local TOMA survey to attendees and help write new business on the spot!

Live Services
The most powerful part of the TOMA program is the TOMA Workshop. These lively and informative 2-hour sessions allow for a large audience of business owners and managers to discover the benefits of creative, long-term, consistent advertising campaigns. We demonstrate the principles of share of mind, the relationship of share of mind to market share, how to grow both and how to budget appropriately, both in yellow pages and creative advertising. Additionally, the TOMA Workshops allow us to showcase your media's product line that will help these local businesses meet their growth objectives.

Local Market Workshops
TOMA Workshops reveal the results of the recently completed TOMA Research survey to a large audience, pre-selling these business owners and managers on the need to increase their top of mind awareness with local consumers. TOMA experts are on hand to help write new business during the second half of the workshop.
eTOMA Workshops share the secrets to effective online advertising to help business owners and managers meet their growth objectives, both in share of mind and share of market. TOMA experts are on hand to help write new business during the second half of the workshop.
Yellow Page Business Seminars uncover the truth on effective yellow page advertising. Learn how consumers use the yellow pages, why and when consumers use the yellow pages and the frequency of consumer yellow page usage.

Local Market Sales Calls
You set the appointments, we do the presenting. This includes having several of your sales staff attend each of these one on one business presentations so they will learn to make the TOMA presentation on their own.

Staff Training
We teach and reinforce the principles of TOMA, including getting appointments using the TOMA survey, how to present to the prospect, overcoming objections and closing the sale.

The TOMA Research live services allow you to reach dozens if not hundreds of new potential local advertising prospects in a two hour workshop. Gives your staff the opportunity to see first hand how TOMA works with the one on one local market sales calls and the staff training insures your continued success with TOMA.

TOMA Services
Customized Surveys
Merchant Seminars
Field Selling
Manager’s Manual
DVD Pretraining
Complete Staff Training
Promotional Materials & Invitations
Unlimited Consultations
Packages for all markets and budgets
Web only programs for smaller markets
Monthly payments available for large marketing investments
Combination of live & web available
Quick turn time on requests
Proven results in over 1,300 markets
Customized 2 year TOMA Programs
    From the TOMA archives!

"A Closer Look at Yellow Page Advertising"

Produced in 1991, this original tool for capturing yellow page ad dollars has everything your professional sales staff needs to overcome objections.

From the myth of the importance of ad position to the size and color of the yellow page ad, it's all covered. This series will pay for itself with the first yellow page conversion!

1300 markets trained!
Reproduced in DVD format, you will get step by step instructions, books and forms to help your current clients and those non-advertisers easily get out of the yellow page trap. The clothes are dated but the information is the most comprehensive available in the art of selling against the Yellow Pages.

$1,195 plus S&H, includes 5 books
Additional books, $19.95 plus S&H

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